Website Development Trends of 2017: 5 Ways to Be Ahead

web development trends 2017

There are constant technological advancements in the web development field, with new innovative ideas and creative approaches invented every day. In order to be ahead of the game, it is necessary to keep up with the latest trends and not to be afraid to implement all the progressive solutions in your project. That’s the reason this article has been written. In this post, we will give you a brief overview of website development trends you should expect in the next months.

Before you plunge into the subject, we would like to let you in on a secret. When you turn back and analyze the history of a website development as a whole, you will notice that many tendencies have a common beginning and a common catalyst. And in 2017, everything is driven by the advance of mobile technologies and the common trend to use mobile devices for surfing the world wide web.

Custom Design

Template sites have run out of steam. However, if you read the news from the last year, you will come across the opposite opinion stating that non-standard solutions are not relevant and that templates are simpler and more efficient to use. In 2017, templates will still maintain their role. Nevertheless, personalized websites designed specifically for the audience will definitely be a better option. Personalized design implies customized icons, creative drawings, and a user-oriented navigation.

Hand-Drawn Design

Another expected trend of web development in 2017 is a hand-drawn design. Some time ago, the imitation of hand-made drawings was already popular in web design, and today “handwritten” fonts, logos, icons, and other graphic elements became trendy again. This popularity can be explained by its individuality and brand visibility.

More 3D

3D elements have long been associated with a cool design and continue to actively influence all areas of web design and development. Considering the rapid development of virtual and augmented reality technologies, this business is getting an unprecedented push ahead. No surprise that many companies demonstrate their professional approach by demonstrating their skills in 3D development.


Animations are getting increasingly present in modern web design, whether they are in a .gif format, SVG, WebGL, CSS, or video. The animation was undoubtedly at the peak of popularity in 2016, but the trend is not going to change in 2017-2019. So do not hesitate to use them in your website development.


This year marks an unprecedented growth in the number of landing pages, which are associated with their enormous potential in achieving marketing goals. Landings provide the ability to “hook” and keep the target audience, to provide them necessary information, and to promote the website.

It is not a full list of web development trends that you should expect in 2017. However, if you use any of the above “tricks,” you will sure attract and interest your audience.

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